Tango Voyage Mugs

Sometimes you just need something a little different and to bring out your personality.  A Tango Inspired Mug is a perfect fit!  This is something everyone could get into and enjoy, plus makes a great gift idea for that Tango person in your life.

Tango Voyage Script Mug

A fun script and ornamented MUG to commemorate your own Tango Voyage, inspired from the older porteno style text and flourishes to bring a more authentic vibe to the design..  Tango, Travel, Transform!

Tango Voyage Addict Mug

For that Tango Addict you know, or maybe that’s you and you want the world to know.  Either way this is a fun mug to have on your shelf or to bring with you to festivals.  Makes a great gift for that obsessed tango lover in your life.

Tango Voyage TangoRex Mug

Yes that’s right, we got some TangoRex on a MUG! Tango Dancing T-Rexs! Looking for a fun gift, something unique and different. Know some quirky or likes fun mashups?  This is for you, check it out and take home these cute dancing dinos!

Tango Voyage Stickers

Ever wanted to just slap a fun Tango sticker on something?  Put in on a water bottle, stick it on a laptop, notebook, wall, book, tango bag, whatever!  Bring some of your tango personality out and show it off! Grab a Tango Sticker Today!

Tango Voyage Bandoneon Sticker

Stick this awesome sticker where ever you feel needs a little more Bandoneon in your life. Nothing is quite as iconic as the Bandoneon in Tango music and as such this sticker is one of many different renditions we’ll have for sale.

Tango Voyage Have Shoes Will Tango Sticker

This is the perfect way to let people know you’re in love with tango, but also that you’re ready to dance anywhere! We’ve all been there, carry our tango shoes around, and yes indeed we will Tango where ever the music brings us.

Tango Voyage TangoRex Sticker

This sticker is something you’ll want to put on everything you own that it’ll fit! These dancing dinos will brighten up your day no matter what!

Tango Voyage Accessories

Looking for something even more unique?  We’ve got mouse pads… and that’s about it for now.  What things are you interested in?  We’re looking into key-chains and more, but would love your feedback.  Let us know what you’d like and we’ll see if we can get it.

Tango Voyage Script Mousepad

Our fun script design put into a mousepad.  Your standard size mousepad is available and will fit in any laptop bag or desk you may need it for.

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