Here in the US, things are starting to open up more and we’re starting to get back to “normal” compared to what has happened over the past 15 months. We’re fortunate in some ways and yet very unfortunate in others. The whole world has taken a toll due to the pandemic, but thanks to vaccines, things are looking positive.  I see a light at the end of everything, but it’s still further away than many people think. The aim is over 80% of the population to be around the herd immunity number, of total population, not just adults. Until then, I see organizers of events and such taking extra precautions, especially in tango.

New Tango Requirements

Tango events are re-opening with more dance opportunities opening up every month. Yes, there has been a Tango underground, and I assume other dances as well of groups of people who dance regardless of regulations, masks, social distancing, occupancy limits, and more. That is its own conversation, but I’m talking about public events following guidelines. You can most likely find something nearby with dance events, usually requiring masks or vaccination proof with pre-registration. These events usually has an attendance limit as well, but they can be found, or are being worked on here in the US.  I’ve been trying to figure out everything to start up our local Practica and a class schedule, but keep finding myself hesitant to start one up.

This mentality should extend beyond the dance floor, you should have compassion and care about your fellow dancers, especially their health. There have been many instances that at festivals people didn’t wash their hands in the restrooms, or show up sick and dance anyways because they love the dance. I’m assuming these are the same people who complain about vaccine or other requirements at these events now for the time being. People should care about others, and do what they can to protect others.  These requirements aren’t about a me mentality, it’s about compassion and caring for others.  Dancing, be it tango or other dances, is not some right or anything you’re entitled to, it’s a blessing and a privilege when you get to dance with others and you get to share these moments. These moments are not just shared between two people, it’s shared between the whole community.

Festivals Returning!

If you’ve noticed, there are a bunch of tango festivals popping up again after this past year of misfortune. All these festivals to my understanding are all requiring vaccinations, which I applaud.  They are also mostly lowered the attendance numbers to meet any state/federal guidelines for capacities. There are many that they still haven’t released any policies themselves yet as anything can chance at any time. I’m looking forward to attending a few this year, and the first one I’m attending is Burning Tango in McCloud California!

Burning Tango is a festival I’ve attended a few times in the past, and it looks to be a hot one this year. Trying to figure out if I’m doing the daily round trip drive as usual to get my photography edited quicker and released, or if I might find a couch or similar down there to make it to the morning milongas and classes as well or not.  I will be giving away a photo book at both the mixers for the drawings, so that’s going to be exciting for me, and the winners!

Other festivals I’m looking into currently is Albuquerque and possibly Tango on the Rocks. I need to do more research myself on Tango Festivals this year, and really need to reach out to the organizers.  My big project instead this year has been doing my Photo Book, and actually I’m working on Festival Specific Photo Books, which are bigger and thicker than my current book as well! Granted there is interest!