If you’re new here, you will be seeing the site for the first time, but for those who have visited in the past, things should look similar, but quite a bit different. Bringing this website to new design standards and some better (hopefully best) practices should make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Plus a lot of new things that are coming are getting moved forward in a much quicker manner now.

New look!

From the old look, the site worked, but was very text heavy, and hard to navigate. Most things were decorative, un-clickable, and way more reading than people do, especially on the first page. So nice big links, photos, and animations to get you to what you’re looking for, while focusing on a majority of why people visit. The goal is to get you to what you’re looking for quicker and easier. Some adjustments will continue to be made, mostly from behind the scenes.

The front page isn’t the only thing that will be getting the new look.  Future blog posts, many of the static page content, sidebars, and more and going to get updated.  You might see some of the old mixed with the new, but going forward most everything should start looking much more polished. If something doesn’t look right, I’d love to know, been working on making sure it works on a large number of resolutions and devices.

With a new look overall, there are also quite a few more pages and things in the works.  As you should hopefully be able to see, there are a few sections that have a lot of coming soon content. It may be incomplete, but it’s because fully moving forward does take some time, and a backlog for when it fully moves forward there will be no hickups if I’m traveling and content moves forward as usual.