I have posts depending on where I’ve visited, but always happy to give recommendations on places I enjoyed, and usually can get you in contact with someone in the area I know, or who has also been there.

I’ll be happy to be in a picture with you!

I’ll be glad to take your picture (if I’m actively with my camera)!

If you want one while you’re dancing, I can make a mental note to do so, but different scenarios make it hard to guarantee.

Majority of the time, YES! Make some small talk and introduce yourself a bit first.

Yes I do! If at an event, you’ll have to arrange it with the organizer.  My rates depend on the space rental if any, plus my fee if not at an event.  I am happy to trade lessons for lodging on my travels!

Check my Destinations page, you’ll find my schedule and it gets updated as I have more thing confirmed.

I’d be happy to DJ/Teach/Photograph your event, be it a Tango Festival, Milonga, or party/event/class/workshop. I’d require travel, lodging, and event entrance to be paid for/provided, plus a negotiable fee depending on the work.

If I’m currently in the Rogue Valley, I’m usually doing some sort of teaching.  Either through the local University Tango Club, a Weekly Class somewhere, or even a pre-milonga class if requested.

If you wish for me to teach at your festival, event, hold a class or intensive workshop while I’m travelling your way or a special trip, I am available. Feel free to message me and we can make arrangements.