Travel Resources!

Curious on what gear I use to traveling, be it for tango, photography, long term, a milonga, DJing, or more? Check out the list and my impressions on my gear or my travel locations.  What gear I use will constantly be changing as I upgrade and try out suggestions, so this list will evolve over time!

What’s in my travel bag?

My travel bag, both for leisure, as well as photography changes depending on my role and the purpose, but much of what I bring has been pretty consistent and pretty minimal.  Traveling light but still for Tango is the goal, and having the right gear helps.  Check out the list and feel free to contact me and offer me suggestions!

My Main Travel Bag
(Full Review Here)

Tango Resources!

I’m not an expert when it comes to all things Tango or travelling, not by a long shot! Some of my information is from these sites, or I may use them for my own research, Tanda/Music guides or suggestions, and more! Looking for a Festival in your area, or a calendar of events, or even traveling and need to look into places to stay. Maybe you want more DJ resources, opinions, guides.  This is what I’ve found!

  • Tango Mango
  • DJ Resources
  • Tango History
  • Tango Information

Other Inspirations!

Everything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories will be posted here!