Tango Photography

From having your picture taken, taking pictures of those dancing, venue issues, lighting, flashes, catching the moments, and more, Tango Photography is an amazing and fun challenge! In addition to also having a passion for dancing Tango, I’ve also had a passion for photography, but lacked the actual equipment for a long time. Photography, like Tango, takes a while to understand.  From gear, tips, where to start, better understanding your camera, how to capture the moments on the dance floor, and more can be found in the sections below.

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Cameras 101

An overview of Cameras and photography, including settings such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, an overview on framing, low light, types of cameras and lenses and uses, and more. Let’s dive in and get an overview of cameras and photography in this Cameras 101!


Starter Gear

Finding the right gear can be difficult with so many options.  We will go over different types and brands of cameras and lenses, resources to find more information, some suggestions for starting points for price ranges, and more.


Framing Basics

There is more to photography than just point and shoot, and a big one is understanding how to frame a photo.  How does the rule of thirds work, when to use positive and negative space, breaking said rules, and examples on where it works and doesn’t.


Working in Low Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, and is everything when it comes to capturing what you want. Low light scenarios is a majority of what I work with, and there are definitely some great ways to capture those moments in these indoor spaces or outside at night.


Photographing Tango

Everything above is a much more broad overview and focusing on those exact aspects, but Tango brings its own challenges. Lets go over what I do, my settings and gear, and give you some insight in taking photographs of those who dance tango and


Editing Basics

Editing is really a personal preference in so many ways, but getting an understanding on what many of the different settings do and how you can use them to great effect can be found here. A simple photo from out of camera is never enough, it’s why there are filters and more.


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