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The popularity of todays tango is heavily influenced by the tango refinement and music from what is known as the Golen Age around the 1930’s.  The mixture of all classes, fashion, bigger orchestras, popularity across the globe, Hollywood, refinement, and many consider the contributions of Carol Gardel to the rise of Tango at this time. This is at the height of what many people consider Argentine Tango, but with every part of a story, there is a beginning, which due to the age and development, is always a little fuzzy.

Software Needs?

The story and origins begin in the 19th century, around the late 1850’s, give or take. The exact time frame is impossible to narrow down due to the fact that Tango was developed by the lower/working class citizens and immigrants around Buenos Aires. A few pieces of the specifics behind the Tango has years associated with them, speculation on the exact beginning will always be a controversy. The first Tango song, “Tomá mate, che”, can be traced back to 1857, written by Santiago Ramos for the comedy “El gaucho de Buenos Aires.” The dancing at the time was much different than what you see now, the term Tango, when the term was developed and used is lost in history.

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