It happened: ValenTango 2022

It's February again, and that doesn't just mean my birthday, no, it means Valentines day and the tango festival ValenTango in Portland Oregon! Vaccine requirements and mask mandates were present for this festival which added a new dynamic, but really, it didn't impact the feel of this festival like many might have you believe

  • Couple dancing in a Tango Embrace at the San Diego Tango Marathon

The San Diego Tango Marathon – Photos & More

The city of San Diego has a lot to offer, from amazing food, great weather, baseball, fun atmosphere, and much more.  One thing San Diego has been doing for a while is San Diego New Years Tango Festival.  This post is NOT about that event, but about the new event that just started up

Tree City Tango 2019 – Hidden Gem

Did you know that there is this awesome community of Tango Dancers in Boise Idaho? Did you also know that there is this little festival that takes place in Boise Idaho called Tree City Tango? Well you know now if not before, and there is good reason to know about it, and that is

ValenTango 2019 – Impressions?

This marks the 5th, no... 6th... maybe 7th year I've attended ValenTango in Portland Oregon.  I'm not really going to try and keep track, most of my first few years Tango Dancing is a bit blurry, maybe because I lacked a good camera at those times! But this marks another year, more photos with

Connect 2018 – Raising the bar

When you think of a good tango festival, it includes good teachers, DJs, and dancers.  When you think of a good tango marathon, beside the dancers and DJs, the next big thing would be having good food and resting space being available. Connect brings it all to the table.  Not only are there some

Portland TangoFest 2018 – Having Fun!

This festival has grown, and by grown I really mean step up their game for sure.  From what use to feel like a single hall and cramped space ages ago, has grown to something quite refined. Not everything is in one place, because like many, there isn't enough space for everything, but here, they've

Burning Tango 2018 – Lucky Sunday!

With my schedule, sometimes attend festivals can be difficult to get time off work with my day job, or even scheduling conflicts for photography work.  Sometimes even taking my own vacation time can get in the way, even though most tango festivals are more of a vacation than not since it's one of my

  • Two Lovely Ladies at ValenTango 2018

ValenTango 2018 – Dancing & More

ValenTango has come and gone... two months ago now actually.  I've actually just finished the final edits from all the pictures I've taken, the last bit was the performances. Have had a backlog for a while on the pictures, but I'm pretty much back on board and things are moving forward quickly.  Lesson learned,

  • Portland TangoFest 2017 DJ

Portland TangoFest 2017 – Looking Back

It's been quite a while since Portland TangoFest 2017, and I only noticed I never did a write up about it.  Why? Skipped my mind at the time, and editing pictures takes a while that I'd rather have all my pictures done before writing about it so I can have the pictures available for

Connect 2017 – Tango Festival

I love the Connect Tango Festival and all the magic it brings! Also I must disclose I have helped put it together the past few years as a volunteer. I might be a bit biased in how much I enjoy this festival and everything it stands for, but at the same time, there is