Depending on where you go, there are different avenues for finding tango.  Most frequent in the states, are Facebook groups, and some online resources and websites for the area you are in, which are usually very specific. Sometimes you can’t find much of anything but word of mouth, or when you find some dancing are directed to a certain person who is in charge of Facebook events (yet there is no common group and just a single person).

Hoy Milonga!

In Buenos Aires, there are Fliers, advertisements, word of mouth, and most importantly, Hoy Milonga! There are facebook groups for venues and events, and people managing those, which s nice to get an idea, and they can all be found through Hoy Milonga!

Hoy Milonga is exactly what a city like Buenos Aires needs, because there is so much.  It gives a daily background for the current day and the next 7, listing special events, classes, times, addresses with map, facebook pages, teachers, phone numbers, all in an easy to navigate layout.  There is even the Hoy Milonga App for your phones!

Is it lacking?

The only thing the website seems to be lacking is reviews or ratings for the Milongas, but they do change and have rotating information and updated frequently, so I can see why it is not included.  You also have choices all over the city in the different areas.  Over a dozen options every night, some are good, others not, you need to read up, check their Facebook pictures, and more to find out what’s good.

Some Milongas are always listed as special events, but when you arrive it is dead (la Catedral was guilty of this every time I went), and there are also Practicas (which is wonderful!). When looking for Tango, it’s so easy to find something nearby to try, or to get additional information so easily at your fingertips.  In the states in some bigger cities there is TangoMango, but it leaves much to be desired every time I’ve looked at it, but still usable if your area uses it.

Truthfully, searching for Tango here in Buenos Aires has been a pleasure.  Sure I’ve gone to some not so great Milongas, but most have been wonderful.  Takes a lot less looking, but more research on what you want to do on any given night. If you go somewhere you aren’t liking, finding another to go to takes such a little bit of time, your night isn’t over, plus there is dancing til 4AM everywhere!