I’ve been pretty stagnant with my blogs posts.  In reality I have about 10 that are mostly completed, but need pictures, or better editing, or something a little extra.  When I write I am not only the producer, but the publisher and editor.  If I’m going to post something I need to make sure it’s higher quality and worth the read.  Do people really read everything you have to say? I find myself skimming through articles more and not reading everything.  Why?  Maybe It feels slow, or maybe it’s not as engaging.

My own thoughts have had me listening to podcasts, one in particular, and the fact is the one I listen to really is a single person narrating a single topic each day, and may include a personal story in the genre. I love listening to it, and it’s nothing hugely detail oriented. It feels raw, down to earth, sometimes rambling, sometimes veers off topic, but interesting, and easy to listen to while I drive.  With them limited to at most 20 minutes, but more an average of 10 minutes, I can listen each time I need to drive somewhere.

I think this is something I’d like to pursue, maybe do a little podcast talk about a single topic that’s on my mind a couples days a week. A single sit down session, talk, no script, but just what’s on my mind. I can do this in one sitting, with minimal editing after the fact, and post it up online. Maybe take 30 minutes of my day, and get content out more frequently, and still have room for feedback and ways for people to reach out. This blog post/update, normally take hours to write and edit, plus photos with the editing for the right size on web, linking back, and sometimes I just don’t have the multiple hours to do so, and it crosses days, and then the thought is gone.  SO maybe a podcast, a single session of content creation is the way to go.  At least something to keep myself going.

Does this sound interesting?  You interested maybe in checking it out if I do?  Let me know!  Contact me in the comments, by e-mail, or social media!